Friday, June 10, 2011

I can see clearly now...

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer. So far mine has been great! I'm really lucky that I can be home with my son and watch him swim, play, bike ride.

So I am still creeping towards that personal goal and have about 4 more pounds until I am there-but today at my meeting, I realized something else-I am getting close to a goal weight! Like an actual goal weight-the END. I thought for sure I had done the math wrong and came home and checked again and I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Don't get me wrong, I am still 45 pounds away, which may sound like so much to some people, but not to me-remember I have lost 255 pounds-45 seems like nothing! :-)

I keep waiting for the weight to suddenly stop coming off or a plateau to hit me, but I would like to think all my hard work helps push it along. I still feel really motivated to be on this program and keep working hard.

If you are needing motivation, I can only tell you-just start or just keep going! It will happen!


  1. You'll get there before you know it.

  2. You have come such a long way! That 45-pounds is almost outta here! This makes me think of when I'm on a run and I can see the homestretch coming up ahead of me. It just makes me push harder so I finish strong. I know you will, too.

  3. Wow! That is really, really impressive! I'm having trouble losing 20-30 pounds.

  4. Oh wow! I only have about 130 to lose. "Only" lol. Well... seeing that you did it with 200 plus to lose DEFINITELY makes me feel like I can do it! :D

  5. Nikki, if I can do it, you totally can! :-)

  6. Wow, you rock! Awesome job with the weight loss, here's more energy from me to you -- to keep you motivated into reaching that oh-so-close goal!

    Wish I could be as motivated for myself... I can't seem to get off my rear to lose some weight so that I'm at least within "normal" BMI range. Ugh! I'll have to check out more of your posts; maybe I'll find some inspiration here! ;-)

    I've been stalking you via Twitter and thought I'd stalk your blog as well. Good luck!

  7. Julie, did you attend meetings, or strictly online? And 300 pounds ago, how did you start to exercise... And was it daily and did you slip off some days from frustration?
    Thanks, you are such an inspiration!