Saturday, August 7, 2010

My wild ride...

I am so bad at actually sitting down and putting my thoughts down-I mean to and then forget. However, I was determined to blog about what I did last weekend, it was a HUGE deal for me.

We decided to take our son to Waldameer in Erie, Pa. Summer is flying by wayyyy too fast and we realized we needed some fun family time before school started.

We got there and waited in VERY long lines and when we finally got to the front I told my husband "get me a wristband too, I'm going on the rides" He just looked at me and said okay. We always take my son to the local carnivals and festivals and I have never been on any ride with Josh. Dave always gets that duty. But not anymore!

I don't want every memory Josh has of doing fun things to be of me sitting on the sidelines, waiting for him and daddy to be done. So I did it. I went on ride after ride after ride. I was VERY nervous, I still am heavy and was still worried the bar wouldn't close down or seat belt wouldn't latch, but it was FINE. I truly cannot believe how much I have missed before.

We had a great time and Josh was already asking when we could go back, on the drive home.

Its been a hard few weeks for me weight-wise. Still doing what I always do-tracking, exercising etc but I have actually GAINED .6 two weeks in a row unexpectedly. I think my personal victory at the amusement park was exactly what I needed to remind me why I am doing this.