Friday, May 20, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle....

So I got my new bike!

It was really hard to decide what kind of bike to get. My husband patiently traipsed through many bike shops with me. I really wanted someone to kind of know what I would use it for and direct me towards that bike. I knew I didn't want a racing bike or a beach cruiser. Ian at Eddy's bike shop helped us out.

I really went back and forth between a Townie and the bike I ended up getting, which is this one. I really liked the Townie, but think the one I did get is more suited to me. I truly love it. I still work out 5x a week, but am trying to average 15-20 miles a week bike riding.

My son has suddenly wanted to go bike riding with me and he is doing 6-7 mile trips, no problem! I think that's pretty impressive for a 7 year old!

My city doesn't have bike paths, which has been disappointing for me. I think I would be riding all the time if I didn't have to go in the street or on the sidewalk. Also, since I am really trying hard to teach my son the right way to do things, you would not believe how many crosswalk signs do not work. Especially at major intersections. Very dangerous.

I am almost in summer mode. We have wrapped up most of the activities until fall, and now only 2 days of school left. I love this time of year. I also think that now coats are coming off, capris are going on, my weight loss is even more apparent.

I have now lost 250 pounds! I'm happy to hit that goal, but I have a more personal goal in 10 pounds. So that is the one I am striving for now. People ask me all the time how I can stay motivated for so long. The answer is: I dont know! I really dont think its one single thing. Everyone says to lose weight for yourself, but I didn't-I started this to make sure I live as long as I can for my son. Yet now that I have made it this far, the benefits are so wonderful. Life is just easier. Period. Every single thing is easier, nothing is a struggle. Being 300 lbs overweight; life is hard. Another thing is when I do have a 'cheat day', I end up feeling sick all night, stomach ache, headaches etc. I don't know whether my body is not used to the junk, that much food or both, but I just can't physically keep putting my body through that. Hopefully that will help me in the long run in keeping it off.

Here are some new pictures so you can gauge my progress yourself.

Hope everyone is doing great!



  1. You are so amazing! And SUCH an inspiration to me!!

  2. Brooke thank you!!! You are pretty amazing yourself!!!

  3. I am so freaking proud of you darling!!

    Angela/Pretty in Orange