Monday, November 22, 2010

Family pictures

Last month I asked my mom to take some family shots of us in the metroparks. We had not had anything with all 3 of us in it for a long time. The pictures turned out great. My son was instantly bored but even he did okay!

Here are a few of my favorites that I used on Christmas cards this year. Enjoy :-)

On another note: I'm excited about the holidays but nervous about all the food and about the new Weight Watchers program which is rolling out next week. I'm sure I will like it, but it means all my recipes etc will have to be re-done with new points values.

Also, I signed a 'Maintain, no gain' pledge for an initiative that Laura Kessel is doing. It's my little reminder to keep going forward.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

p.s. total lost is 209!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy dance...


Well I hit one of my goals last week, I have officially lost OVER 200 pounds. (201.6 to be exact!)
I am very relieved and very happy. I have a mini personal goal, to be under a certain weight and that's my next goal and I'm pretty close to that too. (about 5 more pounds)

I know that I still have lots to lose, but it's becoming more and more achievable and I am starting to feel "normal".

I almost want to stop telling people how much I have lost when they ask, because people can get rude without meaning to. I have recently heard "WOW, I didn't realize you were THAT big", or "GEEZ, how much did you weigh to start with?"

So that is my big news, but also we recently joined the Y as a family. I think that has helped kick the weight loss up lately. I have been pulling some bigger numbers and I'm pretty sure that's why. The next session I really want to sign up for some water sport classes. I am pretty nervous but think the variety would do me good. My husband has been coming with me on the weekends, and I think having him as company makes it better.

I will post some new pictures soon!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

My wild ride...

I am so bad at actually sitting down and putting my thoughts down-I mean to and then forget. However, I was determined to blog about what I did last weekend, it was a HUGE deal for me.

We decided to take our son to Waldameer in Erie, Pa. Summer is flying by wayyyy too fast and we realized we needed some fun family time before school started.

We got there and waited in VERY long lines and when we finally got to the front I told my husband "get me a wristband too, I'm going on the rides" He just looked at me and said okay. We always take my son to the local carnivals and festivals and I have never been on any ride with Josh. Dave always gets that duty. But not anymore!

I don't want every memory Josh has of doing fun things to be of me sitting on the sidelines, waiting for him and daddy to be done. So I did it. I went on ride after ride after ride. I was VERY nervous, I still am heavy and was still worried the bar wouldn't close down or seat belt wouldn't latch, but it was FINE. I truly cannot believe how much I have missed before.

We had a great time and Josh was already asking when we could go back, on the drive home.

Its been a hard few weeks for me weight-wise. Still doing what I always do-tracking, exercising etc but I have actually GAINED .6 two weeks in a row unexpectedly. I think my personal victory at the amusement park was exactly what I needed to remind me why I am doing this.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the news!

Alicia Booth's segment on my weight loss was on last night, but you can see it here if you missed it. How exciting!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Top ten...

These are some of my favorite things that have helped me

1. Hungry girl website-always great food finds and great recipe ideas.
2. Any of the Fiber One food-tastes good, keeps you full
3. Skinny Cow Ice cream!
4. Heather-former ww leader, loser of 80 lbs, her hints, help and advice are awesome.
5. This American life podcast-sounds weird but my husband listens to their stories and suggested I try it out, so I loaded up my ipod and would just walk, walk, walk. The stories are so interesting you get lost in them and don't realize you have walked for 40 minutes. (Free on itunes)
6. My iTouch. :-) I don't leave without it. I can track my points on my ww app, listen to music, hear and audiobook, or podcast, or look up a restaurants nutritional information before I eat somewhere.
7. SNACKS! Some of my favs are: Jolly Time 100 calorie popcorn (1 pt per mini bag), popchips, and Weight Watcher Chocolates (3 for 3 points and tastes great)
8. twitter -so many people are there for you to help, answer questions. If I asked "What can I make with ground turkey", I would have 20 suggestions in 3 minutes. You will never feel alone!
9. Best place to buy shoes you need (want!) for running, walking, biking.
10. My family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive of me and helping. I really thank you and love you.


Everyone wants to know WHY. Obviously to be healthier and feel happier are reasons, but the main reason I am so motivated to stay on this path is because of my son. I really want to be able to be the best mom I could be.

I want to be able to be active at his school and in his life-from taking walks, bike rides, even just playing ball in the backyard, I didn't want it all to pass me by, because I was so fat I could barely stand for 10 minutes. I was his room mom this year and I know that in the past I wouldn't have even wanted to be a part of his classroom, because I was too embarrassed. This year I did it and he loved having me around during parties and I loved it more then I ever thought I would!

I didn't want Josh to be made fun of for having the 'fat mom'. Growing up is hard enough to do without having to deal with that too. I want Josh to understand that being healthy, eating right and exercising is what you's not an option. We have family bike rides or walks every Sunday now!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday June 17th

Here is a link to a news story on Channel 5

The full story will be on the news tonight at 5 p.m. It was a really great interview and Alicia Booth was really nice and friendly!

I will post a link to the video, once I get it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All now pictures

All of these pictures were taking within the last 2 weeks (June 2010).

More before and now photos...

Approx Sept 2008

May 2010

Some before and now pictures...

Approx Sept 2008

June 2010

Before photos...

This was me before starting Weight Watchers.

175 lbs gone!

So I have been asked a lot if I have a blog, but never really knew where to begin. Well now that I have hit my 175 pounds lost mark with Weight Watchers, I think it's a good place to begin my blog!

I will be adding some before and after pictures. I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there!