Friday, June 18, 2010

Top ten...

These are some of my favorite things that have helped me

1. Hungry girl website-always great food finds and great recipe ideas.
2. Any of the Fiber One food-tastes good, keeps you full
3. Skinny Cow Ice cream!
4. Heather-former ww leader, loser of 80 lbs, her hints, help and advice are awesome.
5. This American life podcast-sounds weird but my husband listens to their stories and suggested I try it out, so I loaded up my ipod and would just walk, walk, walk. The stories are so interesting you get lost in them and don't realize you have walked for 40 minutes. (Free on itunes)
6. My iTouch. :-) I don't leave without it. I can track my points on my ww app, listen to music, hear and audiobook, or podcast, or look up a restaurants nutritional information before I eat somewhere.
7. SNACKS! Some of my favs are: Jolly Time 100 calorie popcorn (1 pt per mini bag), popchips, and Weight Watcher Chocolates (3 for 3 points and tastes great)
8. twitter -so many people are there for you to help, answer questions. If I asked "What can I make with ground turkey", I would have 20 suggestions in 3 minutes. You will never feel alone!
9. Best place to buy shoes you need (want!) for running, walking, biking.
10. My family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive of me and helping. I really thank you and love you.


  1. So, so, SOOOOO proud of you, Jules! You look fabulous! :)

  2. Hello. My name is Erin and I live in Lorain, Ohio. A friend of mine showed me your story on and said look, someone is doing it just like you. So I thought i;d share my story with you.

    You are an inspiration!

  3. My oh My - congrats on your weight loss and for the ideas. I didn't know WW had an app for iTouch (love it). If you want to follow me, my blog is

  4. Thank you guys so much!

    HLG-you KNOW you are already an inspirtation for me!!
    Erin, you have done so well! Awesome! I am following your blog now :-)

    Just me-I am following you now as well! Keep up the good work!