Friday, June 18, 2010


Everyone wants to know WHY. Obviously to be healthier and feel happier are reasons, but the main reason I am so motivated to stay on this path is because of my son. I really want to be able to be the best mom I could be.

I want to be able to be active at his school and in his life-from taking walks, bike rides, even just playing ball in the backyard, I didn't want it all to pass me by, because I was so fat I could barely stand for 10 minutes. I was his room mom this year and I know that in the past I wouldn't have even wanted to be a part of his classroom, because I was too embarrassed. This year I did it and he loved having me around during parties and I loved it more then I ever thought I would!

I didn't want Josh to be made fun of for having the 'fat mom'. Growing up is hard enough to do without having to deal with that too. I want Josh to understand that being healthy, eating right and exercising is what you's not an option. We have family bike rides or walks every Sunday now!

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