Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day of September...


I entered Weight Watchers 'inspiring stories' contest and needed some 'after' photos, so I had my mom take some new pictures at Penitentiary Glen a few weeks ago.

I am now 13.6 lbs away from my goal, I have lost a total of 285 pounds!! I feel amazing! My Weight Watcher leader Dawn shared my story with my Friday group today and the support and encouragement were amazing.

On another note-my daily medicine is going fine, I think I am pretty luck in so much is I have had zero side effects.

Hope everyone is doing good!



  1. Julie: You are just beautiful!! Your weight loss is such a huge accomplishment and I'm so happy to hear that the medicine is working out. Congratulations on everything!

  2. You look amazing! They better pick ya otherwise it's totally their loss.

  3. Oh. My. GOSH! You look spectacular! I looked through your posts and saw the "before" photo. Congrats! You can visit me at!