Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello 2011!

Well it's another holiday season come and gone, I hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Years!

Last time I posted I was just about to get introduced to the new Points Plus program-obviously you have heard that Weight Watchers changed it all up.

I'll be honest, first week was really hard for me. To be fair to myself, I switched online mid-week which changed all my points (automatically) that I had already done for the first 3 days of my week, and then made it hard to have any points left for the rest of the week. But since then, smooth sailing! I am really liking it and having no issues at all.

I think my best example for dealing with the new program is when I used to live in the UK, all I found myself doing was "well, in the States this would cost...." over and over again. Until I decided I had to stop-I wasn't IN the States, I was living in the UK! I had to deal with how much it cost (and it cost a lot!) to buy things and live over there. That's how I feel about this program. Yes, sandwich thins USED to be 1 pt.-but now they are not, deal with it and accept the change. The program is not changing back, so may as well get used to the new regime.

So since the new program started (6 weeks), I have lost 13.6 pounds! I actually can't believe it myself. Every week I am having really great losses and not changing what I normally do-i.e. work out, eat normally etc.

Also the 13.6 pounds was over thanksgiving/Christmas and New Years! I planned every meal and tracked everything and the results are there!

Total loss is 223 pounds!

Here is a new picture taken this week!



  1. You look amazing my friend!! :D

    Angela/Pretty in Orange

  2. Julie,

    That's great. I love the new program, too, although it hasn't been quite as successful for me.

    Check my blog: to see my latest ranting.

  3. Thanks ladies! Nancy, I just looked at your hysterical blog-keep it up, you are doing so good!

  4. You are gorgeous!! You're doing amazing!

  5. Wow congrats on your loss. You look amazing!
    I wasn't sure how I felt about the new plan but it's been working for me so I will continue to follow it. I do rely heavily on the etools site but besides that no complaints.

  6. Thanks Marisol! I use etools a lot too. Yea I figure long as I'm still losing, it must be working! Lol