Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy dance...


Well I hit one of my goals last week, I have officially lost OVER 200 pounds. (201.6 to be exact!)
I am very relieved and very happy. I have a mini personal goal, to be under a certain weight and that's my next goal and I'm pretty close to that too. (about 5 more pounds)

I know that I still have lots to lose, but it's becoming more and more achievable and I am starting to feel "normal".

I almost want to stop telling people how much I have lost when they ask, because people can get rude without meaning to. I have recently heard "WOW, I didn't realize you were THAT big", or "GEEZ, how much did you weigh to start with?"

So that is my big news, but also we recently joined the Y as a family. I think that has helped kick the weight loss up lately. I have been pulling some bigger numbers and I'm pretty sure that's why. The next session I really want to sign up for some water sport classes. I am pretty nervous but think the variety would do me good. My husband has been coming with me on the weekends, and I think having him as company makes it better.

I will post some new pictures soon!



  1. WooooHooooo, this is awesome. Congrats my friend. Do NOT let the negative steal your hard work. You deserve better. Congrats on joining the Y!!! I am back at my Y too, even signed up to learn to swim.

    ****happy dance just for you****

  2. Congrats honey! I'm so proud of you and I know how hard you've been working towards this. Keep up the good work and about the swimming - just remember how much you used to love it!

  3. You are awesome!!

    Angela/Pretty in Orange